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Information on personal data processing

FORMA IDEALE doo Kragujevac (hereinafter: FORMA IDEALE), Skladišni centar br. 13 34 000 Kragujevac, during its activities collects and processes personal data in compliance with laws and regulations.
Protection and safety of personal data of our buyers, customers and business partners are the priority of FORMA IDEALE.

Please carefully read the following information!

Data Controller

FORMA IDEALE is a „data controller“, the entity determines the purpose and means of processing of personal data being collected.
If you have any questions regarding your personal data or this Policy, please contact us:

  • TIN: 103251239,
  • Company registration number: 17546830
  • Address: Skladišni centar br. 13, 34000 Kragujevac
  • Telephone: 034 / 308-100

For contact by e-mail click here.

Data Protection Officer

In accordance with the law and other regulations FORMA IDEALE has appointed a data protection officer, protection officer, whom you may contact if you have any questions regarding personal data processing data processing or exercise of personal data protection rights.

Contact: dusica.jovanovic@delete-me.formaideale.rs or by calling the contact centre 034/308-100 ext. 1200.

Data Privacy

Protection of personal data privacy of our website users is the top priority of our company.
All online activities related to FORMA IDEALE are in compliance with regulations of the Republic of Serbia.

Personal data is any data that reveals your identity, e.g. your first and last name, address, telephone or e-mail.

FORMA IDEALE does not collect any personal data without your consent.

By accepting these Terms and Conditions you explicitly agree and consent that FORMA IDEALE can collect and process your personal data provided in the purchase and sale agreement and/or your personal data provided for marketing purposes. All the personal data you provide will be protected and kept safe and under no circumstances we will not abuse or sell them on the market, thus ensuring a completely safe cooperation with FORMA IDEALE.

By accepting these Terms and Conditions you acknowledge that you have been informed of your right to revoke this consent at any time.

We will not send you any email notification you haven’t voluntarily opted for. We will make sure that you can opt out from receiving e-mail notifications from our website in quick and simple manner and at any time.

FORMA IDEALE takes all the measures to ensure maximum safety of your personal data. Your data will be carefully protected from loss, destruction, modification, falsification, manipulation and unauthorized access or use.

FORMA IDEALE advises parents and guardians to teach children about safe and responsible handling of personal data on the Internet. Minors should not disclose their personal data to FORMA IDEAL without prior permission from their parents or guardians.FORMA IDEALE will never intentionally collect or use personal data from persons under the age of 18.


FORMA IDEALE collects and processes personal data under one of the following legal grounds:

  • Consent of the data subject;
  • Processing is necessary for performance of a contract concluded with the data subject;
  • Processing is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation to which the controller is subject;
  • Processing is necessary in order to protect vital interests of the data subject;
  • Processing is necessary for performance of a task carried out in the public interest or in the exercise of official authority vested in the controller;
  • Processing is necessary for the purpose of legitimate interests pursued by the controller or by a third party.

Personal Data We Collect

Data we collect depend on: the type of contract concluded with the buyer, intention of the buyer to use our services, as well as the intention of buyers to exercise the rights arising from laws and regulations governing personal data protection. This primarily means data necessary for provisions of services, which includes at least:

  • first and last name;
  • delivery address;
  • city;
  • postal code;
  • telephone number;
  • e-mail address;
  • name of the buyer’s employer;
  • ID card number;
  • personal number;
  • current account and bank name.

Collection and Use of Personal Data

FORMA IDEALE collects and processes personal data for conclusion and performance of purchase and sale contracts on products and services it provides, as well as to comply with obligations provided by laws and regulations and to accomplish its legitimate interest of lawful operation.

We process personal data for conclusion of purchase and sale contract and performance of contractual obligations due to the following reasons:

  • sale of goods and services;
  • delivery and assembly of purchased goods;
  • sale and marketing activities of FORMA IDEALE;
  • receiving and handling complaints;
  • other legal obligations arising from the activities of FORMA IDEALE.

We will ask your additional consent for all other activities;.

Rights of Data Subjects

Bear in mind that at any time you have the right to ask FORMA IDEALE:

  •  to allow you the access to your personal data
    You may ask FORMA IDEALE for which purpose your data is used and you may access the personal data. Furthermore, you have the right to know which category of your personal data we keep, as well as the period in which your data is kept and processed.
  •  to provide a copy of your personal data being stored
    You may contact us if you want a copy of any or all your personal data we process.
  •  to request rectification of your personal data
    We want to make sure that your personal data are accurate and updated. You can always contact us and request rectification or erasure of data you considered inaccurate or outdated.
  •  to request erasure of your personal data
    You can request us to stop processing or to erase your personal data, except if your personal data is necessary for performance of contractual obligations FORMA IDEALE has to you.
  •  to restrict processing of your personal data (to us and/or third parties) under certain circumstances or entirely
    If you have contested the accuracy of your personal data or we do not require them any longer for processing, but you required them in order to establish, exercise or defend a legal claim or you objected processing on the grounds which FORMA IDEALE considers legitimate, you have the right to request restriction of processing of your personal data.
  •  to be informed regarding rectification or erasure of your personal data
    The controller is obliged to inform all recipients to whom personal data has been disclosed on all rectifications or erasures of personal data or any data processing restrictions.
  •  to object to processing of your personal data
    Remember that you have the right to object to processing of your personal data which is based on legal grounds which FORMA IDEALE considers legitimate.
  •  to request transfer of data to another data controller (right to data portability)
    If processing is based on your acceptance and consent, you have the right to request FORMA IDEALE to transfer your personal data to another data controller.
  •  to withdraw consent for processing your personal data
    When processing is based on your acceptance and consent, you have the right to withdraw your acceptance and/or your consent at any time. Withdrawal of your consent does not affect processing of data carried out prior to withdrawal.

Protection of Personal Data

FORMA IDEALE applies all technical and organizational measures to ensure that your personal data is processed only in the manner which complies with the law and the purpose for which your data is collected and processed.

Access to your personal data will be allowed to state authorities, public authorities and third parties only in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection.

Retention of Personal Data

Retention period of your personal data depends on the purpose of processing.

  • Data collected based on concluded contract on purchase of goods or services are retained for 5 years after the date of contract;
  • Data collected for the purpose of joining the Loyalty program and using data collector’s sales promotions are retained for 3 years from the date of contract;
  • Data collected for the purpose of sending the informational NEWSLETTER, informational text message, informational Viber message, customer satisfaction surveys regarding goods and services and using the sales promotions of FORMA IDEALE are retained for 3 years from the date such information is provided.

Terms and Conditions of Processing the Personal Data for Membership in Loyalty Program

Personal data you provide may be processed for the purpose of joining the Loyalty program and using the sales promotions of FORMA IDEALE. Data processed based on this consent will be used in accordance with internal procedures and data confidentiality of FORMA IDEALE, only for the above purposes and only by authorized persons of FORMA IDEALE.

For all information please contact the data protection officer Dušici Jovanović, telephone number 034/308-100 ext. 1200, e-mail dusica.jovanovic@delete-me.formaideale.rs.

Newsletter and Use of Personal Data for Marketing Purposes

If you want to save your time and stay updated on the news from our company and from our website, by leaving your e-mail you gain the right to periodically receive e-mail notification on our new special offers, new products and other news.

If you want to withdraw you consent, please send you request at: odjava@delete-me.formaideale.rs or by registered mail (with a reference: Consent withdrawal) to the address: Forma Ideale d.o.o., Skladišni centar 13, 34000 Kragujevac.

Cookies and Online Tracking

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Forma Ideale uses cookies to ensure the visitors have easier and better access to company’s website and its features. All data/information collected in this way (by cookies) are used to save user’s settings and user activity on the website. These activities include: navigation through website, placement of products into basket, product comparison, product browsing and similar activities.

Every user can block or delete cookies on its browser at any time, which will cause certain features to no longer be available.

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